Bucket/Crane Work

Bucket/Crane WorkWhen you have outdoor spaces on your property, it’s but natural that you adorn them by installing plants and trees. However what is probably even more important is that these trees have to be maintained well. While your regular landscape maintenance personnel may be able to manage pruning and trimming of plants and shrubs as well as shorter trees, they may not have the expertise to trim or cut the branches of the taller trees. This is where Bucket/Crane work comes into the picture.

Bucket/Crane Work

We at Kilpatrick Tree Service have handled a large number of projects for customers in and around Hendersonville, Asheville, Black Mountain, Waynesville, Brevard, Tryon, and Fletcher. However, there are times when trees may be growing very close to your home or commercial building and cutting it down without proper planning and the right equipment can endanger the structure. Using Bucket/Crane Work ensures that the trees can be taken down in a safe manner.

The Latest Cranes

We use the latest cranes in our work. These have a system of cables and pulleys that have the capacity to lift significant amounts of weight over a distance. With the use of this highly advanced equipment we are able to cut and then safely lift tree trunks, logs of wood and branches above any structure that may be in the vicinity. Telescopic cranes are useful in various circumstances such as:

Bucket/Crane Work
  • Removal of trees that are located in oddly-angled, enclosed or precarious locations
  • Difficult to reach trees
  • Ones that are leaning threateningly over an outdoor structure/house/building
  • Trees that are leaning over a car or pool
  • Trees that are badly entangled in electrical wires
  • Dead or severely decayed trees

In addition to handling the Bucket/Crane Work in an expert manner, we also ensure that all the branches and tree trunk pieces that have been cut down are carted away safely from the spot. We have the expertise, skill, resources and the experience to handle the job fast and efficiently.

24/7 Tree Removal Services

Our company has been working very consistently in this industry, for a number of years. We understand that tree emergencies can occur at any point of time – maybe caused by a storm or an accident and we provide unfaltering 24/7services that match your requirements to perfection. You will find our response to be immediate, our personnel very professional and friendly and we are focused on ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied with the job.

Specialized Tree Removal Work

What sets us apart from the rest of the companies in this space is the personalized attention we provide, our proactive approach and the fact that we have large cranes for tree removal. We can work on abnormally large trees and easily retrieve the leaves and branches etc over the rooftops. The tree trunks and heavy logs can be safely moved across much longer distances. Regardless of how difficult the job, we at Kilpatrick Tree Service can handle it for you. For more information, call us at 828-691-7480. You can also contact us via this online form.