Tree Care

Different tree species will require different care and treatments so it is best to leave all tree care up to a professional tree service company like Kilpatrick Tree Service in Henderson, NC. You will get experienced tree contractors who have all the knowledge on the various species and what type of care, trimming and pruning they will require to keep them healthy and strong! Read more about Tree Care »

Tree Treatments

It really is important to leave all tree treatment services to a professional tree care company like us here at Kilpatrick Tree Service. We have been providing our clients with premium tree treatments that have allowed trees that would have otherwise died, to thrive again. Our teams of tree specialists have all the knowledge necessary to know what the best form of treatment is for your trees! Read more about Tree Treatments »

Tree Trimming

At some stage your trees will need some trimming. It really is recommended that you seek the help of a professional tree service company to handle your trees. The reason is that an experienced company like ours will have all the right knowledge and the right equipment to ensure that the job is done right and safely so that your trees thrive! Read more about Tree Trimming »

Tree Removal

In this article we would like to offer some information on tree removal. We believe that it is very important to seek the services of an experienced tree removal company like ours so that all trees can be removed safely and without damaging any surrounding property. So please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have on tree removals! Read more about Tree Removal »

Stump Grinding

The team at Kilpatrick Tree Service would like to shed some light on the process of stump grinding. In this article we would like to explain why it is really a job best done by a professional company like ours and just how efficient our services are for getting rid of stumps of all sizes. If you have a tree or stump that need to be removed please contact us today! Read more about Stump Grinding »

Tree Services

At Kilpatrick Tree Service we provide our clients with professional tree services including tree care, tree removal, tree treatments, tree trimming and pruning and stump grinding. It is important to leave your trees in the hands of our highly knowledgeable and experienced team members for the best outcome for the trees, for yourself and for yours and surrounding properties. Read more about Tree Services »