Tree Care

Tree Care Hendersonville, NCThe best and only way to keep trees in perfect shape and health is by performing regular tree care tasks. No matter how old or how few the trees in your yard are, you should ensure that they are properly taken care of all year long. Trees should always look their best and stay in excellent condition, whether they are planted in residential or commercial areas.

At Kilpatrick Tree Service, we live by our company’s thrust of ensuring that trees in clients’ properties get all the care they need. We are tree care specialists serving Hendersonville, Etowah, Asheville, Mills River, Saluda, Rosman, Brevard, Lake Lure, Fletcher, and Forest City, NC. Over the years, our certified arborists have successfully maintained thousands of healthy trees in commercial, public, and residential properties across North Carolina. Call us today and let us talk about your tree care concerns soon.

Tree Care Services

Our company offers professional and comprehensive tree care services to North Carolina clients. Here’s a quick run-through of the services that we provide:

  • Tree treatments. If your trees have an infestation whether fungal or from insects, we are here to make sure that it is addressed quickly to prevent further damage.

  • Complete tree removal. We are the company to hire for all tree removal concerns. If you have a dead tree or a tree that is leaning dangerously close to your property, we’ll take care of it before it causes any damage or injury.

  • Storm damage/emergency service. Our skilled crews will ensure that all trees in your yard will be properly evaluated for damage. Once we zeroed in on the damaged trees, we will remove them at once to clear your property of any safety threats.

  • Trimming. We will ensure that your trees will be cleared of broken and overgrown branches to improve air flow and encourage healthy growth. This will also let sunshine through and benefit plants underneath.

  • Stump grinding. Grinding tree stumps require special tools and expertise to ensure positive results. Fortunately, we have both so you can be sure that we’ll successfully remove the eyesore and risky tree stumps on your property.

  • Bucket/crane work. We have heavy-duty bucket/crane equipment to allow safe tree trunk and branch cutting.

Tree and Shrub Care

Isn’t it great to have beautifully trimmed trees and pruned shrubs in your property? With regular tree and shrub care, it’s going to be a gorgeous landscape that you, your family, or guests will enjoy. The good thing about getting our tree care services is that all the tasks are performed by certified arborists who have completed countless projects. Our crews perform each task carefully and in accordance with best practices in the industry. We look after dead or unhealthy trees and remove them if needed. We also apply special techniques and methods to give you a nice-looking shrubs and topiary.

Commercial Tree Care

Business owners can ensure the health of trees and safety in their business areas by hiring tree experts like us. We offer our commercial tree care services to business owners anywhere in the state. We can perform trimming, treatments, bucket/crane work, and practically any other tree care services the clients need. We can send out as many as a dozen or more skilled crews to work on a commercial project to complete it quickly and avoid disrupting business operations.

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