Tree Services

Tree Services Hendersonville, NCIt’s been proven that trees act as nature’s air conditioning units. Any property that has lots of trees in it is significantly cooler than properties with little or no trees planted. And of course, properties with many ornamental trees are absolutely gorgeous and even productive (fruit-bearing trees). With their benefits, it’s vital to maintain the trees’ health and appearance all year long. Accordingly, you should only get reliable tree services, which we at Kilpatrick Tree Service can surely provide.

We have been offering comprehensive and professional tree services to residents of Hendersonville, Asheville, Etowah, Mills River, Saluda, Rosman, Brevard, Lake Lure, Fletcher, and Forest City, NC. As a licensed and insured company, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide quick solutions to urgent tree concerns. Whether it involves stump grinding, tree removal, or periodic trimming and pruning, we guarantee to render value-laden services at an affordable price.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is performed for several reasons, such as improving the trees’ shape or appearance, removing branches that may break and hit people, animals, or structures below, and keeping the trees’ health in check. There are several trimming techniques that we commonly apply to our projects:

  • Cutting outside bark ridge and in a downward angle away from stems
  • Using three-cut technique for overly long stems
  • Locating the branch collar and branch ridge first before making any cut

Tree Company

Tree Services Hendersonville, NCAs a tree company, Kilpatrick Tree Service has always offered its clients comprehensive tree services at rates they can afford. When looking for a company to handle your tree-related concerns, these are the things that you must consider above all else:

  • Expertise. The last thing you want to happen is hiring an inexperienced tree company since you will most likely get dismal results. Be sure to ask about the company’s past projects or just check its portfolio to get an idea about the company’s knowledge and skills.

  • Manpower and equipment. Keeping trees in great shape and health is a tough business; as such, see to it that your company of choice has complete equipment and skilled manpower.

  • Work quality. The quality of the work rendered should be your top consideration. Aside from mere number of completed projects, the quality of the work matters. You may ask for references or throw some probing questions that will show how capable the company is in ensuring exceptional outcomes.

  • Rates. Whether you have a big budget or a limited one, hiring a company that charges reasonable rates for its tree services is the ideal choice.

Tree Care

Maintaining the health of your trees is not only about trimming or pruning, you should also hire a competent tree services company to perform other key tree care tasks. Our company offers comprehensive services that include fertilization, disease control, storm damage, bucket/crane work, tree treatments, and many others.

Tree Pruning

Just like trimming, performing regular tree pruning will help guarantee healthy and captivating trees, as well as address potential risks to structures and people nearby. Pruning trees involve using equipment and tools such as manlift trucks, shears, pole and folding saws, loppers, and pruners. Pruning is best done during trees’ dormant season (late fall or winter) or when there are dead branches that pose safety risks. Pruning during dormant season effectively cuts down the risk of fungi or insect infestation and also minimizes sap loss.

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